Roto Moulded Plastic water storage tanks.


In a closed Rock and Roll type machine, Mould is heated up to a certain temperature( 170-200 degrees), after which firstly layer of powder is put in the mould. After 25 - 30 mins , the second layer is put in the mould.
Again after 25 - 30 mins, the mould is extracted from the machine and then cooled for half an hour. This is the production technique.


This tank has inner layer white and outer layer black. It is good in quality. Its weight it less as compared to Triple layer tank.
It is used in the market because it is comparitively cheap and good in quality.


This tank has a inner white layer followed by a black layer in the middle followed by another layer which can be white/yellow/green as desired. It is heavier in weight as compared to DL tank.
This tank is most commonly used in households, construction projects, etc due to its quality and strength.

ISI Mark tanks

This tank is manufactured as per the guide lines, by Bureau Of Indian standards as per IS 12701.