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Ferrocement is a matrix of Cement Mortar in a ratio of 1:2 , reinforced with Galvanised and annealed square woven wire mesh / welded mesh with addition of some special concrete admixtures such as mortar plasticisers and integral water proofing compounds , to make a relatively thin section which is not possible using concrete. Sections as thin as 10 mm can be made using Ferrocement. The technology to make Ferrocement cylindrical Units (Including Ferrocement Water Tanks) has been developed by Structural Engineering Research Centre , Ghaziabad and M/s Ferrotech Engineers have taken the licence of this manufacturing technology ( which is an India Patent) by National Research Development corporation, New Delhi (India) Ferrocement Tanks in various capacities ranging from 100 liters to 20,000 liters can be made using SERC technology.
Ferrocement Water Tanks
Advantages Of Ferrocement Tanks
  • Light weight as compared to RCC tanks.
  • Water does not get heated up in summers as in case of Plastic Tanks.
  • Strong and Durable ( Life as long as 45 years has been experienced).
  • Rust free / No Maintenance.
  • Desired colour of Tank is possible.
  • No addition of Taste / smell in water.
  • Totally hygienic product.
  • Easily repairable if damaged accidentally. & Economical.
Plastic Water Tanks
“AQUASAFE” is now a renowned name and is a very popular brand among builders, colonisers and contractors due to its high quality and economical price.

AQUASAFE plastic tanks are manufactured using international Bi-axial Rotational Moulding Process that rolls out seamless one piece tank from FDA approved virgin plastic. These tanks are incorporated with U V stabilizers and anti oxidants to suit the Indian weather conditions. Ensuring strength at all the points for exceptional built and longer life AQUASAFE water storage tanks guarantee to give you value for your money.